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ISBN 0 9517267 1 4  
Available at the Online Shop at a cost of £4.50  
Four actors (2m,2f) a simple room-set and a few glamorous "roaring twenties" costumes. 
FAMOUS FIVE fun for adults as Stubby, Ophelia, Biffy and Fatty find themselves trapped in a mysterious house during a thunderstorm. 
Is this someone's idea of a jape? Or is something far more sinister going on? 
All is revealed in this fast-paced comedy set in the roaring twenties. 
"A pastiche 1920's thriller with a plot that defies description. But it really doesn't matter about the plot - it's the jokes that count. Play it fast and furious and it's great fun. As with other Flying Ducks Publications, the text also contains suggestions for costumes, set design, sound, props and lighting, all of which can be as simple or a complex as facilities and budgets allow." 
Review from Amateur Stage 
There are some sound effects mentioned in the script which are available for free download online. To download them click here.