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ISBN 1-900997-07-X 
A signed copy of the novel is also available from the Online Shop at a cost of £7.50
"A Bolt From The Blue" is both brilliantly constructed and extremely funny." 
Chris Jaeger, Chairman, Guild of Drama Adjudicators 
David Tristram's latest comedy is available in this stage version, and also as a novel. If you're considering producing the stage version, it's worth reading the novel in tandem to get a deeper insight into the characters and the storyline.  
Director's Notes - Stage Version 
A Bolt From The Blue offers unlimited flexibility for casting — it can be produced with as few as three actors, or with as many as you can muster, dependent on your company’s strengths. 
What you'll need... 
In its purest form, you’ll need just two males and one female, but if you go this route make sure to cast your three most experienced and competent performers, because all three roles are extremely demanding.  
The play is adapted from the novel of the same name. In the minimalist version one actor plays the central character of Edward Jones, while the other two play a male narrator, a female narrator, plus every other character in the story. 
However, if you think it would be better to spread the load and involve more people, you have the option to replace any number of the other character parts with separate actors, and of course any amount of doubling within that is acceptable. You’d then also have the option, if you wished, to consolidate the male and female narrators into one narrator — male or female. 
Sound Effects 
If you need help with some of the more unusual sound effects used in this play, contact us via email.