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Available at the Online Shop at a cost of £7.50
Six actors (3m, 3f)) and a simple multi-purpose set. 
The people had lost faith in the political establishment. Expenses scandals, cash for questions, fat-cat bankers, austerity, riots - the whole country was crying out for a new direction, a fresh start.  
Step forward John Brown, future leader of the Green Party. †A man with vision. †A man with charisma. †But a man with a problem.  
Forced by a mystery illness to quit his beloved politics, John decides to give one, last blistering farewell speech at the annual conference. The party faithful rise as one to greet their hero. The press cameras crackle and flash. And John stands to deliver his final, stark message to the waiting world. "Go green...or die."  
Little could he know just how profound those words would be. 
Specially-recorded music has been produced for this play. For more details and download options click here