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ISBN 0 9517267 5 7 
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Five actors (3m,2f) and a roomset in the style of a luxury cottage. 
Eve is twenty-four and never been kissed. 
Well, not properly. 
Bill is thirty-five, rich, alcoholic, and with the sex drive of an adolescent bull on steroids. 
Eve is engaged to Neville. Bill is married to Jenny. Jenny is having an affair with Jeremy, but she remains utterly devoted to her husband's cheque book. 
Miles is Bill's best friend. Or at least he was, before he discovered Bill's underpants hanging from the lightshade in his bedroom. 
Then there's Father Tomlin. At least he's taken a lifelong vow of celibacy. Or so his daughter claims. 
Original Sin? †It seems there's nothing very original about it any more... 
"David Tristram has established a strong reputation with his Inspector Drake farces, which are a cross between a thinking man's Farndale and a laughing man's Agatha Christie. 
Here he is breaking new ground, operating in the centre of a triangle whose poles are Michael Frayn, Alan Ayckbourn and Ray Cooney. He is almost entirely successful in combining Frayn's wit and literacy, Ayckbourn's feel for character and situation and Cooney's farcical imagination. 
This is a very funny play, which audiences will love". 
Ian Bradley - Amateur Stage