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ISBN 0 9517267 7 3 
Available at the Online Shop at a cost of £6.50 
Twelve actors (7m,5f - but a couple of parts are very minor and some doubling is possible) and an Agatha Christie style roomset with french windows. 
Standby for the ultimate Agatha Christie spoof, as Inspector Drake, ably hampered by Sergeant Plod, interviews a colourful confusion of characters. There's Guest the butler, Cook the gardener, Gardner the cook, Butler the guest, and another butler called Shofer. 
David Tristram's first-ever play is riotous fun from opening curtain to outlandish denouement. 
"It is years since a play has tickled me so insistently. 
David Tristram has come up with a comedy whodunit in which lunatic potential is achieved to the point of remorselessness by a cast well-drilled in po-faced humour. 
Rarely have I seen an audience laughing so helplessly. Together, the inspector and his sidekick sergeant create a team of towering incompetence. You are liable to laugh until you cry - and when you cry, you will cry for more. 
I suspect it could run forever." 
John Slim, Birmingham Evening Mail