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ISBN 0 9517267 0 6 
Sorry - this play is currently out of print 
A minimum of five actors (3m,2f) and roomset which transforms very simply in Act Two into a spaceship (yes, that's what I said). 
The professor's dead body is found floating in the library, his daughter has vanished, and everything points to the mysterious time machine. Can the intrepid Inspector Drake, ably hampered by Sergeant Plod, solve the crime of the century? 
Heroically pressing the wrong button by mistake, our hero is sent hurtling into the year 2950, and onto the deck of an alien spaceship. Plod becomes momentarily super-intelligent, and tries to make love to a robot, while Drake uncovers a fiendish plot to take over the world, and falls into the groping hands of the sex-starved High Priestess of Zircon.  
Surely, this time there's no escape? Watch this space! 
To accompany the book, there are 24 custom-made sound effects you'll find invaluable. You can download them (as Windows WMA files) free of charge, and either run them from your computer or create a cd. To download the zipped file (10mb) click on the link below.  
Fasten your seatbelts for a comedy that's way ahead of its time.