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ISBN 0 9517267 6 5 
Available at the Online Shop at a cost of £6.50 
Five actors (3m,2f) and simple roomset. 
When a genius commits a murder, the plan is perfect. But is it foolproof? 
The legendary Inspector Drake is back to face his greatest ever challenge, as he attempts to unravel a plot with more twists in it than, well, a really twisty thing.  
Who is the mysterious Doctor Short, and why did he marry a warthog? Has he murdered his fourth wife - or did she murder him first? Has he really got two daughters called Sabrina, or is one of them telling porkies? Where is Frank the taxi driver? What was the Pope doing in the woods? And, perhaps most importantly of all, why is there a lamppost in the living room? 
These are just some of the questions facing the world's most famous dick, as he gropes for the answer to the perfect crime, groping some of the suspects along the way. 
"As a fairly hard-bitten but not, I hope, cynical adjudicator I rarely laugh out loud in the theatre. At this Flying Ducks Production I did little else. My chuckle muscles are usually inhibited by technical considerations, such as timing, gag-line and feed-line relationships, character interaction, etc. Here my laughter was only inhibited by fear of falling out of my seat.  
You need look no further for your next production." 
Ian Bradley - Amateur Stage