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ISBN 1 900997 02 9 
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Six actors (3m, 3f) and a stage-set made to look like an attic. 
A London theatre company decides to stage a new production of Shakespeare’s classic - fronted by TV Soap star Julian Dando, and backed by a cast of second-rate hams.  
At the last-night party is one Edward Pinfold, a promising young playwright, and husband of the talented but tempestuous actress, Ruby, who had played Ophelia. 
Tragically, that very night, Ruby - a renowned reveller with a reputation for burning the candle at all three ends - is found dead in bed. An overdose of naughty pills and booze.  
The theatre world went into a state of mourning that barely lasted into the afternoon.  
One year later, however, Edward remains deeply affected. Unable to face the emotional torment of living in his own home, he has moved into the attic room of one of his oldest actor friends, Alex.  
Alex, by the way, is gay. Now, that may well have nothing to do with anything. But then again, it might. I mention it merely because it is a fact, though how pertinent a fact you will have to wait and see. 
So, there you have it. I trust you have followed me so far. Because what happens next, as Alex once famously said, could be a bit hard to swallow.  
We join the story on the first anniversary of the death of Ruby Pinfold. 
May she rest in peace.