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ISBN 1 900997 05 3 
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Four actors (2m,2f) and a few simple props - no set. 
Gordon, Margaret, Joyce and Bernard are back to tackle yet another threat to their survival - this time in the shape of a rival am-dram, newly-formed in their village, determined to upstage them with an award-winning musical. 
The querulous quartet pull together to devise an ingenious military-style plan that doesn't, well, go quite to plan.  When their subterfuge is discovered by the rival society's psychopathic front-of-house manager, he's none too pleased. 
Add in a few emotional complications for Gordon, and things look a little grim for Little Grimley.  Could this finally be the end of their society?   
Don't be so sure.  It's never over...until the fat lady sings. 
Rarely has a collection of one-act comedies been so outrageously popular as the Little Grimley series, and "The Fat Lady Sings" completes the trilogy with a cock-eyed confidence that will delight the faithful.