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The original Flying Ducks production of the musical, directed by David Tristram
The project has been designed to appeal to societies who might not typically think of tackling a musical - in fact it might more properly be described as a play with music.   
It can, as we mentioned, work perfectly well without the music, but there's no doubt that the songs add a new dimension to the experience, and we've made the practicalities of producing the full version as easy as possible. 
First of all, the main three actors needn't be good singers. They should be chosen purely on their acting ability.  The majority of singing comes from the chorus, which should contain at least one strong lead female vocalist, who also has a smaller acting role.  So everyone is playing to their strengths. 
Secondly, a special "kit" consisting of a cd of all the incidental music and the backing tracks, the lyrics and special stage directions will be available to accompany the script, so all you need to provide are a few talented singers, microphones and pa system and you have a complete musical experience "in a box". 
The acting editions are available from Flying Ducks Publications, and the world-wide performance rights handled, as usual, by Samuel French. 
I didn't know quite what to expect when I agreed to go along to a new musical at Bridgnorth, but I came out beaming after enjoying a barrel of laughs and (almost) shedding a tear. 
The new musical called "Sex, Drugs & Rick'n Noel", written by accomplished playwright David Tristram, takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with a working man who has lost his direction in life. 
The play centres around Rick, who loses many of the people and things which were important to him all in the space of a few months. 
He is forced to make drastic changes and bravely heads off to University, despite being in his mid forties. 
And that's when the fun starts.  I howled with laughter as Rick tried to fit in with his new friend and bad influence Noel. 
The pair slowly became closer as they experience student life together and learn how to fry an egg on an iron and how to blag the local Balti house into thinking they are rich and famous so they don't have to pay. 
Brilliantly written, and with lots of laugh out loud gags, the musical is entertaining and exhilarating." 
Natalie Greenway, Shropshire Star, October 22nd.