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ISBN 978-1-900997-09-6 
Available at the Online Shop at a cost of £7.50 
As we join this short extract, Inspector Drake has accidentally killed the gardener, whose runaway lawnmower then flattens the maid's cat... 
A minimum of three actors (2m, 1f) and a simple roomset with french windows. 
When oil tycoon John Johnson is found with a huge sword in his back, it looks like a straightforward case of dying illegally. But things in Drake's world are never as they seem. Why was Johnson badly disguised as his own wife? Why had he eaten a tortoise? And why do all the women in the house look similar? † 
For once, Sergeant Plod thinks he knows all the answers. And so he should. After all, he's relating the events through a series of flashbacks, so he knows how it all ends. But if Plod is right, the legendary Inspector Drake is about to make a terrible mistake. † 
And there's something even more disturbing. The trusty Sergeant has been troubled by a recurring nightmare. It's a nightmare involving spiders, and the image of a man, lying dead. That man is Inspector Drake. Is this just another confusing flashback? Or the horrible truth of Drake's final destiny? † 
After all, when the Black Widow lays her deadly trap, it's just a matter of time.  
Some of the more unusual sound effects used in this play are available for free download by clicking here.