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Five actors (4m, 1f, or 3m, 2f)) and a simple multi-purpose set. 
Emma Tyler mourns the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, Joe. But all is not as it seems and, deep in the bowels of a nearby hospital, something stirs. 
Enter Detective Inspector Monroe - a man who knows a thing or two about the unexpected. Last memorably seen in "Forget-me-Knot", the grumpy, beleaguered detective soon finds himself right in the middle of another mystery which threatens to unhinge his sanity. 
How did Joe manage to walk out of his own post-mortem? Where is the mysterious Doctor Branovic? How did the toaster get dented on both sides? Why has Monroe got a hole in his right hand? And, most crucially of all, does Emma Tyler really own a cat? 
Throughout this highly unusual romp, the audience often know far more than the characters. But can they possibly see what's coming? 
"One of David Tristram's funniest and most inventive scripts to date - a sure-fire hit with all those who love his witty, madcap comedies." 
Paul Taylor, Performing Rights Director, Samuel French