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ISBN 0 9517267 12 6  
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Four actors (2m, 2f) and a few simple props - no set. 
LITTLE GRIMLEY AMATEUR DRAMATIC SOCIETY are faced with yet another threat to their very existence. Reality TV shows have ravaged their Saturday night audiences, which in their hey-day used to occasionally reach double figures.  
Never one to take these things lying down, Chairman Gordon has devised another cunning plan to compete head-on - their very own live Saturday night blockbuster, combining the best of all the other formats. 
All they need now is an audience, some contestants, four judges, a mirror ball ...oh, yes, and some ice. 
When Charlotte decides to grab a quick coffee before heading home on the bus, she bumps into Lucy, a schoolfriend she hasn't seen for twenty-five years. They soon discover just how much they have in common...